Dipping In The Honey


 (1 Samuel 14:27)

I can’t think of anyone in any work situation who doesn’t like to be appreciated especially after working hard to accomplish an assignment. 

The complex story in 1 Samuel 14 has a twist that I didn’t understand until recently. Jonathan and his armor bearer slip away from the Israelite troops led by his father Saul and win a battle against the Philistines even though they faced overwhelming odds. They killed 20 Philistines on one half acre of land.  When God sent a panic among the remaining Philistine army, Saul and the Israelites put them on the run and Israel declared victory. Great story.

On his way back into the camp Jonathan dips his staff in the honeycombs he saw on the ground not knowing that his father had forbidden the troops to eat that day. The scripture says Jonathan’s eyes brightened as he ate the honey. Dipping in the honey is what people who have been in the battle all day need. I want to make the case for everyone who works hard to be allowed to dip in the honey to be refreshed; to be appreciated; to find new strength.

1) I know of one leader who brings buckets of fried chicken to his employees when they meet a company goal. 

2) I know of another leader who walks through the building and gives a $100 bill to individuals who have gone the extra mile on a project.

3) Many places have employee of the month awards.

4) One leader gives an afternoon off if he thinks an employee needs some extra time  to deal with a personal issue.

5) October is Pastor Appreciation month. Many churches give a special tribute including a financial blessing to the pastor and his family for all their hard work throughout the year. When a church has staff pastors they are included. 

I believe the idea of dipping in the honey can help bring HOPE and excitement to the work environment.  And BTW Jonathan was exonerated by his father because the troops expressed support for what Jonathan did.  DIPPING IN THE HONEY is a good thing even though some leaders might be slow to catch on.

Sometimes the truth of the twist in an ancient story can inspire HOPE in the now for us.