Bob Rhoden Speaking

Preaching God’s Word

In addition to playing house, swimming in Ocean Pond, and playing games like hide and seek with other kids, Bob was playing church, preaching to toys and other children he could convince to be the congregation. This sparked a passion for preaching at an early age. When Bob was a freshman in college, he delivered his first sermon in a jail to a captive audience wanting to hear the message of God, and from that point on, he knew this was his calling. Following his completion of an MA (New Testament Studies) at Wheaton Graduate School, he and his wife, Joan, returned east to Richmond, Virginia and planted the West End Assembly of God. Enjoy the videos below of Bob preaching God’s word!

Bob Rhoden and his friend


Today, he is a respected mentor to younger pastors, teaching them to trust their team, listen and learn from the stories of others, and to remember that nothing is too hard for God. When you hear Bob speak and watch him lead, you will see how he gives hope, confidence, and security to congregations and their leaders. He is a trusted shepherd, creative leader, and competent visionary. 

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May, 2023: Never the Same Because He Said So – May 21st Youngstown Ohio – Highway Tabernacle

November, 2022 Student Leadership Summit: Student Leadership Summit Panel Session with Dr. Richard Foth, John Ashcroft, and Dr. Robert Rhoden

November, 2022 Dr. Robert Rhoden at Toccoa Falls College Student Leadership Summit

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