Grandparents Can Make Hope Rise for Grandkids

“Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, til I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come”.

(Psalm 71:18)


Since President Carter signed the proclamation in 1978, the First Sunday after Labor Day each year is officially recognized as Grandparents Day. Grandparents are special! And so are grandkids!

The Bible has examples of grandparents impacting grandchildren (Jacob blessing Joseph’s two sons and the positive effect of Lois’ faith on her grandson Timothy). So focusing on the impact of grandparents on grandkids is certainly within the scope of this Bible verse.

On a recent Friday afternoon our granddaughter Avery stopped over to our house so I could help her set up a Roth IRA. How cool is that! A 19 year old college rising sophomore starting her investment portfolio.  After we successfully enrolled her in a Vanguard account, our conversation drifted to other things like summer internships. Knowing that most Generation Z people have a desire to make it on their own I gently offered a suggestion that the benefit of our family relationships might open doors for her. Noticing her puzzled expression I quickly explained that her performance after a door opens is what will give her a bright future. I knew she was concerned about entitlement. Avery broke out in a smile and said, “Thank you Boppa for taking time to explain that idea and for helping me with the Roth IRA”. After we had a short prayer she was on her way with hope rising about an investment portfolio that could increase over time and for the open doors that might come from our family relationships.

Here are six takeaways from this short narrative.

1) Teach grandkids the power of investing. It might influence them to avoid the peril of credit card debt.

2) Take time to share the value of family relationships.

3) Pray with and for your grandkids. Joan and I pray often for ours by name and from time to time send them a text saying we prayed for you today.

4) Look for opportunities to pass along the powerful Godly values that have made a difference in your life.

5) Someone said, “A legacy does not need to be monumental to be meaningful”. Hope rising in our grandkids is meaningful.

6) Embrace the idea of “A culture of Hope”.